range tent and bedroll in the wild

Our tents are made with 7 oz. cotton canvas for the walls and roof, and 8 oz. khaki color polyester on the floor. Why cotton canvas? Cotton canvas is breathable and water repellent, and therefore, condensation on the inside is rarely an issue.

When you first get your canvas tent, be sure to set it up, hose it down, and allow it to dry. This process shrinks and tightens the fibers, making your tent more water repellent.We like to remind our customers that these canvas tents can be set up and left in one place for an extended time. You can choose to do this with our custom made pole set, or you can save some money and add your personality to it, by making your own pole set with natural timbers.

Dave Ellis designs his canvas tents to have a variety of set-up options.You can travel light, without poles because the tent can also be hung from above using the loop at the top of each tent. In fact, with a permanent tent location, inclusive of: timber constructed tripod, elevated tent mound, and specific spike down points, your tent can be stretched out and then easily pulled up, without the use of our break down pole set.

Call and talk to us, 970-259-2050. We have countless ideas and are happy to help with a design plan specific to your needs.

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