January 13, 2017

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14' x 14' Shackleton Setup Video (Quick & Easy)

14' x 14' Shackleton Tent 

Here is a little video that we through together to show how quick and easy it is to setup are latest single-pole tent design The Shackleton Tent. 

July 28, 2016

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Comparison / Survey of 12' Range Tent Deluxe w/ Awning vs 10' Prairie Tent

David Ellis setts up two of his signature designs, a 12' Range Tent with awning and a 10' Prairie Tent for a side-by-side comparison review. Watch the video below to see how the unique design of our Prairie Tent can provide the same amount of living area as a larger Range Tent (traditional pyramid tent design). While, at the same time the Prairie Tent has a smaller foot print / base area compared to the larger size Range Tent.

July 08, 2016



 The inspiration of our wall tent design come from the Cowboy Tepee.

 Teepe tents are not supported by a frame, but rather suspended by a outside loop. Our wall tent is designed to be set up using vertical poles, a ridge pole, or a tensioned line.  We have no angled fittings or welded tent frame parts. All our tents are constructed to make set-up as simplistic as possible, this makes them as light as possible as a canvas top tent can be.

Our Wall Tents Standard options are, front and rear Zippered doors, 2 windows, ridge hole socks, 4" eves with D-rings and grommets, 2" seat belt webbing sewn into a reinforced ridge with large D-rings secured front and rear. The bottom 2' of the door and walls are mildew proof 8 oz. polyester/vinyl, with a lighter weight poly/vinyl sod cloth. We install nylon loops for ground staking but also include #4 grommets so you can secure an optional floor by staking through the grommets.  3/8" guy ropes with nylon rope adjusters.  The tent fits into a perfectly sized compression bag, with or without the poles. If you chose to buy the floor than a larger bag may be requested.

So here’s the kicker. When a tent is going to hang, the lighter construction makes it all around better. A heavy tent is great if you have a heavy frame holding it up. But if you want a tent to be tight in a wind storm, shed water in the rain, set up with minimal poles, be as light to pack as possible, and fold up small in one bag. All these quality.  using the classic “cotton” canvas that outfitters and cowboys love.

THE CANVAS All tents are made with Our light weight, “naturel" 7 oz. marine treated cotton army duck, or a blend of our “natural” 7 oz.  cotton, “Sun Tan" 5 oz. vinyl, and "Kaki" 8oz. vinyl coated polyester. These materials are used on the roof, walls, and doors to create a tent that is breathable, water and mildew resistant and light weight. The price is the same with the blend or all canvas.

Wall Tent Sizes. We like to make ours lean and long. 2 sizes for now are 10’ X 14’ and 12’ X 18’.  We have discussed these sizes with many concerns in mind. Mostly dealing with cots and kitchens, and landed on these sizes. We are not opposed to making a 14’ and 16’ wide,

You can build your own pole set. Or Have us build you one.  With that said, there is nothing like a 5’ side wall tent, especially when its held up tight. Our Pole Sets support the walls by several (non adjustable) telescopic side poles. Larger telescopic poles hold up the ridge line. With the sewn in web strap at the ridge you can tension the tent between two trees or just guyed to the ground.  All poles self store inside each other.

 OPTIONAL ALUMINUM POLE SET Aluminum pole sets include 2 or 3 vertical ridge support poles, side poles with eve attachment pins and ground stands that attach to the ground stake loops.  Aluminum stakes for all guy ropes and front and rear walls. Also two larger stakes with 20' ratchet straps for front and rear tension. All the poles are self nestling for smallest size bundle, the largest storing length is 38", and fit into there own pole bag.

 Optional Woven floors are easy to clean, tough as nails and secure through the grommets on the corners and midpoints on our tents.   They come in a very nice zippered bag. 


wall tent 10x14 (2 windows,2 doors)                                                     $1,231

wall tent 12x18  (2 windows,2 doors)                                                    $1,615

wall tent with poles 10x14 (2 windows,2 doors)                                   $1,493

wall tent with poles 12x18  (2 windows,2 doors)                                  $1,955

wall tent complete with poles and floor 10x14  (2 windows,2 doors) $1,757

wall tent complete with poles and floor 12x18  (2 windows,2 doors)  $2,295







April 18, 2016


Split Torrent Tent Video!

Dave Ellis shows off our 8x10 and 12x14 Split Torrent Tents. He covers the form and function of the Split Torrent Tent.

April 02, 2016


Vid- Dave Explains Bedroll Canvas

Watch Dave explain the new canvas we just got in, the difference it's going to make to our Cavalry Bedrolls, and how to roll up and unroll your bedroll! He also briefly covers why you should use a bedroll vs. a sleeping bag. 


March 14, 2016


Journey to the Arctic Circle

A while ago we posted a blog post about our Sponsorship of the Cambridge Trans-America Expedition. We're happy to announce that you can now read about the amazing adventure of these 4 brave souls as they completed their journey in an old Land Rover from the bottom of Argentina to the Arctic Circle on roversmagazine.com. 

Read the Article HERE, and be sure to note the rather suave, familiar looking tents in the photographs!  

 Land Rover and Ellis Canvas Tent

January 18, 2016


What Size Tent Should I Buy?

We get the question: What size tent should I buy? a lot here at Ellis Canvas Tents. So I thought I'd write a quick little blog post explaining the sizes of our tents and how many people can fit in each one. 

A lot of confusion exists about how big is too big when it comes to tents. Obviously, you'll want a tent that is going to meet your needs, and space to accommodate whatever those needs are. 

We usually recommend our 8's for 1-2 people. Our 10's are great for groups of 2-3, and our larger sizes (12x12 and 12x14) are best for groups of 3+. 

These numbers are a rough outline, and are dependent on what exactly you plan to bring with you. For example, if you have large cots and lots of gear you plan to use in your tent, the amount of space is going to be reduced. 

If you have questions about what size tent to buy, feel free to give us a call. Our number is 970-259-2050 and we are always happy to answer any questions or concerns.  


November 09, 2015


Greg Reviews our Torrent Tent

Greg has been one of our most invaluable friends here at Ellis Canvas Tents for a long time. Whenever we're trying out a new design or looking for some inspiration to improve our tents, we know just who to go to. Recently, we asked Greg if he wouldn't mind writing a guest post for our blog, and he agreed. Below are Greg's thoughts on our Torrent Tent, he's used his tent in nearly every condition all across the US. Thanks for everything Greg! 

"Returning to your warm dry tent after a day in freezing rain or snow, and within minutes having your wood stove cranked up warming the tent right up to short sleeve temps, drying you and your clothes out is nothing short of awesome!  I think the Torrent does this better than any other canvas tent out there, here is why...
Torrent Tent
First of all, its low walls and steep roof lines keep it solid in the wind and the rain and snow sliding off, not accumulating on the roof. It has eaves! What does they do? They help tension the roof to keep it tight and prevent it from flapping in the wind all night.  Second it keeps the doors, windows and walls dry, and the water dripping away from the tent. The eaves, combined with the outward sloping front and back walls leave a nice bit of sheltered space to store your muddy boots or a pile of firewood, outside the tent but within arms reach.

The useable space of the Torrent is like no other tent. The corners are easily tall enough to comfortably get a cot right up against the walls. Because the walls slope out and by putting your head toward the center of the tent, there actually is a ton of room around your sleeping area, and you are actually not brushing up against the walls all night. With the cots along the side , the headroom is fantastic down the center of the tent. My 10x12 is a palace for two; cots, table, full kitchen, and wood stove.  I can fit three people on cots with wood stove, smaller table and kitchen, but that's about it on cots with a stove. One more note on the shape. It's lower volume than a wall tent, for the same useable floor space, so it heats a lot easier. It also has more useable floor space than a range tent, because the side walls allow you to use the floor right up to the edge.

Torrent Tents
My next favorite thing is the 7 oz fabric. It's not your grand daddy's canvas! It's light, easy to handle, has always been completely waterproof (after the initial wet-out), and it breathes! No more condensation dripping on you at night, and it allows allow the moisture from your drying clothes to push right out.

I like my Torrent equally well in the summer as I do in the fall and winter. It's actually cooler than a nylon tent in the sun, and a second screen door on the back or a window gives you wonderful flow through ventilation! Try and find that in another canvas tent - that actually keeps the bugs out!

Like others have said it's a really light weight complete canvas tent that excels in all kinds of weather. One person setup, and only 12 stakes required,  that's a lot less pounding than almost any other tent design.

If you already own something David Ellis has made, you already understand his quality, attention to detail, and special touches. If you don't you will see it the first time you put your hands on one of his products.

I am on my third Torrent. Only because my hunting buddies liked my tents so much, they begged me to sell it to them at the end of the hunt!"

October 20, 2015


Kevin's Split Tent Review

Our friend Kevin Coughlan originally posted this Review on our Split Tent on the Expedition Portal Forum, and gave us permission to repost it here in our blog. Thanks to Kevin and to Expedition Portal! I originally posted this as a response, in the thread on (Expedition Portal Forum) "What's your number one most useful cooking item?". But then, I realized that I had never really given a public call-out to David (just a mention of his work, here and there), who had built us the beautiful tent you see below. This is for you David; a very public follow-up, and our gratitude... So - in its entirety, plus a few more pics, my post and now very first thread:

Well, I do cook under the veranda quite often, so I suppose it belongs here too

As you can see below, it's a modified center pole design; A Sunforger treated canvas, 7oz. army duck David Ellis Torrent Tent. It is customized for our needs, with one-half the tent converted into a large open veranda that can be raised or lowered to contend with weather... and makes possible those Swedish pancakes, cooked on the veranda in a hailstorm :-) True story, and more than once, because there is something about hail and snow that brings out the Swede in my wife :-) The total footprint is 12'x14', with the enclosed part 7'x12'.

Split Tent
I cannot say enough good things about this tent. It folds very compactly for its size, easily packing into our Jeep, and is quite light - roughly 30lbs - but luxurious beyond belief. It is a true "Storm Rider", including an entire night of sustained 40mph winds (50+mph gusts) in Death Valley last year. That storm took out power for 50 miles around, and cleared out or leveled nearly every tent in that area. No damage at all - It is beautifully constructed, in Durango, Colorado. It is cool in full sun and warm in cold wind, and fully screened for pesky critters. It goes up in 15min, 30 for storm stakes.

Taking it down is more like 45 minutes; canvas likes to be cleaned and folded. We have "put it away wet", literally, when we were forced to by circumstances; it's actually much faster but no fun. Very heavy and you must store a canvas tent dry, and that means a stop to set it up and dry it out. So it is our "2 night tent" - we use it when we are staying in one place for at least 2 nights. But we fear no storm, or rain, or hail. It is one tough tent.

As for all that red furniture and linen, well, meet my wife ;-)

Kevin's wife enjoying the tent!
Split Tent in the sun
Now I'm going to start my first thread with this very post, because it occurs to me that I should give David Ellis some public visibility for building such a great tent. Appropriate, too, because he delivered it to us at Overland Expo West in 2014, and I found his work on this forum!

Cooking in the Split Tent
Split Tent

Edit added: Here is the tent folded into its carry bag, loaded into the jeep. it is the light tan bag with the black cross-straps at the end, just behind the drivers seat. All the stakes and poles are in that bag.

Tent in its Compression Bag
Thanks for a great review Kevin! 
October 01, 2015


Winter Is Coming! Grab Your Snow Fly! Quick!

Fall is officially here in sunny Colorado! The trees are already beginning to change, and that can only mean one thing: snow is on the way. You might be thinking that there’s no way that a canvas tent could survive the snow, but you’d be dead wrong. It all comes down to how prepared you are.

 If you're planning to stay in a canvas tent through falling snow and freezing rain this winter, you should be prepared to do one of two things: heat the tent throughout the night, or use a Snow Fly. Keeping the tent warm throughout the night is an excellent way to ensure that you don’t wake up to a tent covered in snow, but if you’re like me, waking up multiple times in the night can be a real pain.

 So that leaves choice number 2- using a Snow Fly. It’s important to get a Snow Fly that won’t stick if the tent is heated, and one that allows the snow to slide right off. Polyethylene is a gold standard among tent makers when it comes to Snow Flies, light, water resistant, and easy to setup. Polyethylene has changed a bit since the good old days however, today's sheeting is much more UV resistant and flame retardant. 

10x12 Torrent Tent Snow Fly

The fly we’ve designed is tapered to fit comfortably over your tent. The front of the Snow Fly is held over the door by two poles, and two guy lines are extended from above the poles to provide tension to the tent. There are an additional 7 other guy lines enabling the Snow Fly to fully cover your tent and provide maximum tension allowing snow to slide right off. A Stove-Jack hole can be cut into the Snow Fly, however it is important to line the hole in the tent and the hole in the fly up accurately. For this reason, we recommend ordering a Snow Fly at the time you get your tent, or sending us detailed instructions on where exactly your stove-jack is located.

 If you’re interested in camping in the snow, then this Fly is for you. There’s nothing quite like waking up to a warm, dry tent with fresh snow all around you.