14' x 14' Shackleton Setup Video (Quick & Easy)

14' x 14' Shackleton Tent 

Here is a little video that we through together to show how quick and easy it is to setup are latest single-pole tent design The Shackleton Tent. 

David Ellis
David Ellis


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Al Durham
Al Durham

September 21, 2017

Hi Dave,
I spoke to you and Caleb yesterday on the phone. You guys were very helpful in answering my many questions. I’m the guy with the 12×15 Bravo tent……ug……my back hurts in just typing that. Love that tent but I HATE the weight of 10oz canvas.

Kifaru and Seek Outside offer a gift certificate program and I was wondering if you do also. It’s going to take me awhile to lay down approx $2,000 for your 14×14 Shackleton but if I purchased gift certificates from you I’m sure I’ll be able to have the tent paid in full in about 6-9 months. I plan to start with $500.00 for first instalment.

Do you have such a program?

I thank you for your time,
Al Durham

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