Torrent Tent Setup Instructions.

Howdy folks, I'm here today to explain to you the quickest and most efficient way, I've found, to setup any of our Torrent Tents. Watch the quick 3 minute video and head over to the instructions page for a full video transcript and step-by-step explanation. Our Torrent Tents are the most spacious tents we offer, and are easily and quickly setup once you get the hang of them! Don't get put off by the 3 poles and 8 guy lines, these tents can go up in a flash! And once they're up, they sure aren't going anywhere, we've had these tents handle themselves just fine in 30mph winds and torrential rain!

Stay tuned for next week's blog video. Ciao! 


David Ellis
David Ellis


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Mark Readdie
Mark Readdie

September 30, 2015

Thanks for making this instructional video. Great timing as I have just bought one of your 8×10 Torrent tents and have set it up twice now. In actuality, it is surprisingly easy to set up this spacious and sturdy tent. I had it up at my house for three weeks without an issue and then set it up on a camping trip at Lake Tahoe last weekend. One thing for sure is all our friends wanted to know all about it, as well as the camp host and several other campers who walked by. Folks in California haven’t seen this kind of tent before and besides, it is unique! I got some great feedback about it being such a well made piece of craftsmanship. We are so impressed with the amount of space and being able to stretch out and stand up. Plenty of room for two big sleeping pads and two dogs. And again, I am impressed with how easy it is to set up compared to any regular dome tent but that it provides more usable inside space. And it is so stable you can even lean against the walls. Dave and Alex have been great with customer service too. It is very satisfying to know the Ellis family is there to support their customers. I’m very glad I found them and I looking forward to many years of comfortable camping in the Torrent tent.

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