Winter Is Coming! Grab Your Snow Fly! Quick!

Fall is officially here in sunny Colorado! The trees are already beginning to change, and that can only mean one thing: snow is on the way. You might be thinking that there’s no way that a canvas tent could survive the snow, but you’d be dead wrong. It all comes down to how prepared you are.

 If you're planning to stay in a canvas tent through falling snow and freezing rain this winter, you should be prepared to do one of two things: heat the tent throughout the night, or use a Snow Fly. Keeping the tent warm throughout the night is an excellent way to ensure that you don’t wake up to a tent covered in snow, but if you’re like me, waking up multiple times in the night can be a real pain.

 So that leaves choice number 2- using a Snow Fly. It’s important to get a Snow Fly that won’t stick if the tent is heated, and one that allows the snow to slide right off. Polyethylene is a gold standard among tent makers when it comes to Snow Flies, light, water resistant, and easy to setup. Polyethylene has changed a bit since the good old days however, today's sheeting is much more UV resistant and flame retardant. 

10x12 Torrent Tent Snow Fly

The fly we’ve designed is tapered to fit comfortably over your tent. The front of the Snow Fly is held over the door by two poles, and two guy lines are extended from above the poles to provide tension to the tent. There are an additional 7 other guy lines enabling the Snow Fly to fully cover your tent and provide maximum tension allowing snow to slide right off. A Stove-Jack hole can be cut into the Snow Fly, however it is important to line the hole in the tent and the hole in the fly up accurately. For this reason, we recommend ordering a Snow Fly at the time you get your tent, or sending us detailed instructions on where exactly your stove-jack is located.

 If you’re interested in camping in the snow, then this Fly is for you. There’s nothing quite like waking up to a warm, dry tent with fresh snow all around you.


David Ellis
David Ellis


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