September 28, 2015

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Torrent Tent Setup Instructions.

Howdy folks, I'm here today to explain to you the quickest and most efficient way, I've found, to setup any of our Torrent Tents. Watch the quick 3 minute video and head over to the instructions page for a full video transcript and step-by-step explanation. Our Torrent Tents are the most spacious tents we offer, and are easily and quickly setup once you get the hang of them! Don't get put off by the 3 poles and 8 guy lines, these tents can go up in a flash! And once they're up, they sure aren't going anywhere, we've had these tents handle themselves just fine in 30mph winds and torrential rain!

Stay tuned for next week's blog video. Ciao! 


September 22, 2015


Should The Wall Tent Make A Come Back?

Recently, we've been getting a lot of interest for us to start making Wall Tents again. They've been gone from the store for a few months, and people really miss them! 

What made an Ellis Canvas Wall Tent so special? 

  • 7.5 oz Army Duck Canvas = One light tent!
  • Ridge pole and exterior side poles.
  • Weather resistant with our Sunforger treatment. 
  • 5' side walls, zippered and tied doors, sod cloth, ridge hole socks, guy lines, storage bag, and an optional stove jack to mention a few features. 

So, we want to know what you think, we're looking for some feed back. Head on over to our Wall Tent page to fill out a quick two question survey and to sign up for our newsletter

September 03, 2015


Dave Explains Our Zippered Cavalry Bedroll

Watch Dave explain the features of our zippered Cavalry Bedroll. We think you'll agree that it's the perfect choice for getting a good night's sleep in the great outdoors. 

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Video Transcription 

Hello everyone, I'm Dave Ellis, owner of Ellis Canvas Tents, and today I want to talk to you about my cavalry bedrolls. This is my zippered Cavalry Bedroll, it's made out of a 12.83oz marine-treated, Sunforger, Army Duck. It's water repellant so you can sleep in the rain and as long as water is draining away from you, you will stay perfectly dry.

I sell this bedroll with a foam pad and this is the way it comes to you with tie ropes, draw strings on the side, and the foam pad inside. You choose whether to put blankets inside it or a sleeping bag. We also sell a or a +20º Teton sleeping bag which is a very nice sleeping bag, square-bottom, so you can almost leave your boots on. But it's got a mummy top so it can really draw down around your shoulders which is very handy on a bedroll because it's got a pretty open top to it. 

It's got a four foot flap on your head so that when it starts raining you can cover your head so you don't get wet. The bedroll has ties inside it at the bottom, so when you put your sleeping bag in it, or we install a sleeping bag in this bedroll, we tie the bottom of the bedroll down inside it so it doesn't drag out on you as you pull yourself out of the bedroll. 

This is the zippered Cavalry Bedroll with a sleeping bag installed. You can see right off the bat, it's much bigger than when it comes to you with just the foam pad. The ropes that go around the top of it or the midsection can be used as, I've got it tied, to be a shoulder strap. So I'm going to undo these ropes, roll it out, first goes the head-flap, and there's your sleeping bag. If it gets windy or rainy at night you zip yourself up, again, two zippers, and a full head-flap that you would put over and tie this grommet to this D-ring on the side to keep yourself, keep your head dry and your whole body. 

August 05, 2015


Cambridge Trans-American Expedition

Fifty-five years ago three young men formed the Cambridge Trans-American Expedition and set out to complete the first ever overland expedition from Ushuaia, Argentina to the Arctic Circle in Alaska. 

Yesterday marks the day that the group of adventures set out to finish the last 200 miles of the journey they ended just shy of finishing in 1960. And in the original Land Rover they used, no less! 

Ellis Canvas Tents in honored to be included as a small part of their amazing journey by supplying them with our 8x10 Torrent Tent, our 10x10 Prairie Tent, and 4 Zippered Cavalry Bedrolls

We can't wait to hear more about their incredible expedition as they get closer and closer to the Arctic Circle! Good luck lads, hope those tents are keeping your heads dry!

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January 21, 2015


Torrent Tent vs Backpacking Tent

Dave Ellis and Charlie Ellis (father & son), have a little friendly race to see which tent sets-up faster. On the left is Charlie with a standard "dome-style" backpack tent. Versus Dave, on the right, who is setting up his signature designed 8x10 Deluxe Torrent Tent.


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