Ellis Bedrolls

Original Cavalry, Zippered Cavalry, and The Rocky Mountain Swag

A bedroll is a cover containment system for a sleeping bag and pad.  It is portable, comfortable, warm clean and dry, and rolls up in one compact bundle  using cinching ties and a rope.   It is made of water resistant heavy canvas.

All bedrolls are constructed with our stock mineral dyed, khaki colored 12.63 oz. Sunforger army duck.  All come with a sewn in sleeping pad envelope.  The Original comes only in regular size.  The Zippered comes in  2 sizes : regular and large.

Regular Size measures 34" wide and 80" long, with 9" sides.

Large Size measures 46" wide and 80" long, with 9" sides.

With our convoluted foam pad, the Regular size has plenty of room for an average size man. The Large size is comfortable for a large man and even for a slim couple. Without a pad, the sleeping space is even bigger. The head flap is 40” long and can be tied over the top half of the bedroll for protection. With proper drainage, you can sleep dry in a rain storm.

The foam pad measures 31 " wide,  72 " long, and  3 " thick, fills the bedroll liner nicely, and guarantees comfortable sleeping on hard ground.