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    • Discover what Australians in the Outback have known for years

      The Rocky Mountain Swag ensures you have a warm, clean, and dry place to sleep, even in a rain storm! 

    • New design! Now a more versatile bedroll that allow for the pad to be removed more easily. The best part of the new design is the ability completely zip closed the bedding area. It can now be laid flat all day without any critters climbing inside your bed. Still using the basic design of the Cavalry Bedroll that we have been making for years. Simply store by rolling into the head flap and cinching on the sides to make a tight bundle that is easily carried. Conceals your bedding with a single continuous, double directional zipper up the sides and over the top. This design is inspired by a need for packers who want to keep their bedding clean when the bedroll was left out in the open. A vent at the top allows you to sleep with the top flap zipped shut, keeping critters from getting in and letting moisture out. Ties are sewn at the bottom and top of the bedroll to allow for tying in our removable covered foam pad or custom bedding.

      The Rocky Mountain Swag is made in 2 sizes: 

      Regular Size measures 34" wide and 80" long, with 9" sides.

      Large Size measures 46" wide and 80" long, with 9" sides. 

  • The foam pad option is a completely inclosed fabric cover that can be take off the foam pad for cleaning

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    Optional 0° or 20° Teton Sleeping Bags can be added

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  •  Styles: 

    Regular (zippered 36" width),

    Large (zippered 46" width), 

    Includes:  2 rope ties
    Weights: Reg-10 lbs, Large-11 lbs (without sleeping bags or foam pad)
    Head Flap Length: 40"
    Rolled Diameter: 12"
    Dimensions:  34" or 46" Wide x 7' Long x 9" Tall

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