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  • Your spacious canvas tent-away-from-home

    The Torrent is easily set up by one person...the hardest part is driving 8 spikes! It is a versatile tent that works well in extreme weather from deserts to mountains. The design is derived from a tent known as the “Bell Tent.” This was the preferred tent of European invaders, early North Country explorers, and woodsmen, providing a worthy storm shelter that was quick to set up with minimal poles and used long guy lines to support the side walls.

    Our Torrent Tent is rectangular and provides a better use of space than the old round design. It gathers its strength from the unique tension on the roof, and the use of three poles instead of two. In re-engineering the design, we have found that the taller mid-walls and lower corners are a pivotal factor. Once the guy lines are secured to these spikes, the poles are installed and guy lines can be tensioned quickly, even in high winds. With its elevated mid section, and lean-out walls, the Torrent Tent creates a big livable space inside.

    The Torrent’s unique design supports a wide range of uses. The doors provide typical screening in the front and back of the tent, and has a screened window for inside accessible ventilation, however, a back wall with a large window may be your preference.

    Watch the setup video: Here

    • Featuring 2 windows, a vent, & a zippered screened front door and screened back door, it's easily half the weight of other similarly sized canvas tents.
    • Sewn-In Floor, No Pole Option, & Polyester Blend Side-Walls are available Email / Call for pricing and more infomation
    • Add a coverable stove jack 

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  • Features:

    All Torrent tents have a 9” vinyl base around the perimeter of the tent that will not rot or shrink.
    • The side wall is 24” off the ground at the corner of the tent and rises to 38” tall in the center of the side wall. On some occasions when even greater stability is desired, an additional support can be used at the mid side wall... but NOT in the corners.
    • Size Options: 8’ x 11’ |  11’ x 14’
    • Side walls accomodate sleeping cots nicely.
  •  Sizes:  8'x11', 11'x14'
    Includes: 16 stakes, 3 poles, 8 guy lines, compression bag, & 
    Mesh Detachable Floor
    Weights: 43 lbs, 50 lbs, & 60 lbs (with floors & poles)
    Center Pole Height: 97", 110", & 123"
    Door Pole Height: 60", 65", & 72"
    Side Wall Height: 38" in center, 24" in corners
    Occupants: 2, 3, or 4 with stove
    Storage Size: 12"x12"x (36"), (42"), (46")
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