Greg Reviews our Torrent Tent

Greg has been one of our most invaluable friends here at Ellis Canvas Tents for a long time. Whenever we’re trying out a new design or looking for some inspiration to improve our tents, we know just who to go to. Recently, we asked Greg if he wouldn’t mind writing a guest post for our blog, and he agreed. Below are Greg’s thoughts on our Torrent Tent, he’s used his tent in nearly every condition all across the US. Thanks for everything Greg!

“Returning to your warm dry tent after a day in freezing rain or snow, and within minutes having your wood stove cranked up warming the tent right up to short sleeve temps, drying you and your clothes out is nothing short of awesome!  I think the Torrent does this better than any other canvas tent out there, here is why…

First of all, its low walls and steep roof lines keep it solid in the wind and the rain and snow sliding off, not accumulating on the roof. It has eaves! What does they do? They help tension the roof to keep it tight and prevent it from flapping in the wind all night.  Second it keeps the doors, windows and walls dry, and the water dripping away from the tent. The eaves, combined with the outward sloping front and back walls leave a nice bit of sheltered space to store your muddy boots or a pile of firewood, outside the tent but within arms reach.

The useable space of the Torrent is like no other tent. The corners are easily tall enough to comfortably get a cot right up against the walls. Because the walls slope out and by putting your head toward the center of the tent, there actually is a ton of room around your sleeping area, and you are actually not brushing up against the walls all night. With the cots along the side , the headroom is fantastic down the center of the tent. My 10×12 is a palace for two; cots, table, full kitchen, and wood stove.  I can fit three people on cots with wood stove, smaller table and kitchen, but that’s about it on cots with a stove. One more note on the shape. It’s lower volume than a wall tent, for the same useable floor space, so it heats a lot easier. It also has more useable floor space than a range tent, because the side walls allow you to use the floor right up to the edge.

My next favorite thing is the 7 oz fabric. It’s not your grand daddy’s canvas! It’s light, easy to handle, has always been completely waterproof (after the initial wet-out), and it breathes! No more condensation dripping on you at night, and it allows allow the moisture from your drying clothes to push right out.

I like my Torrent equally well in the summer as I do in the fall and winter. It’s actually cooler than a nylon tent in the sun, and a second screen door on the back or a window gives you wonderful flow through ventilation! Try and find that in another canvas tent – that actually keeps the bugs out!

Like others have said it’s a really light weight complete canvas tent that excels in all kinds of weather. One person setup, and only 12 stakes required,  that’s a lot less pounding than almost any other tent design.

If you already own something David Ellis has made, you already understand his quality, attention to detail, and special touches. If you don’t you will see it the first time you put your hands on one of his products.

I am on my third Torrent. Only because my hunting buddies liked my tents so much, they begged me to sell it to them at the end of the hunt!”


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