The inspiration of our wall tent design come from the Cowboy Tepee.

Teepe tents are not supported by a frame, but rather suspended by a outside loop. Our wall tent is designed to be set up using vertical poles, a ridge pole, or a tensioned line.  We have no angled fittings or welded tent frame parts. All our tents are constructed to make set-up as simplistic as possible, this makes them as light as possible as a canvas top tent can be.

Our Wall Tents Standard options are, front and rear Zippered doors, 2 windows, ridge hole socks, 4″ eves with D-rings and grommets, 2″ seat belt webbing sewn into a reinforced ridge with large D-rings secured front and rear. The bottom 2′ of the door and walls are mildew proof 8 oz. polyester/vinyl, with a lighter weight poly/vinyl sod cloth. We install nylon loops for ground staking but also include #4 grommets so you can secure an optional floor by staking through the grommets.  3/8″ guy ropes with nylon rope adjusters.  The tent fits into a perfectly sized compression bag, with or without the poles. If you chose to buy the floor than a larger bag may be requested.

So here’s the kicker. When a tent is going to hang, the lighter construction makes it all around better. A heavy tent is great if you have a heavy frame holding it up. But if you want a tent to be tight in a wind storm, shed water in the rain, set up with minimal poles, be as light to pack as possible, and fold up small in one bag. All these quality.  using the classic “cotton” canvas that outfitters and cowboys love.

THE CANVAS All tents are made with Our light weight, “naturel” 7 oz. marine treated cotton army duck, or a blend of our “natural” 7 oz.  cotton, “Sun Tan” 5 oz. vinyl, and “Kaki” 8oz. vinyl coated polyester. These materials are used on the roof, walls, and doors to create a tent that is breathable, water and mildew resistant and light weight. The price is the same with the blend or all canvas.

Wall Tent SizesWe like to make ours lean and long. 2 sizes for now are 10’ X 14’ and 12’ X 18’.  We have discussed these sizes with many concerns in mind. Mostly dealing with cots and kitchens, and landed on these sizes. We are not opposed to making a 14’ and 16’ wide,

You can build your own pole set. Or Have us build you one.  With that said, there is nothing like a 5’ side wall tent, especially when its held up tight. Our Pole Sets support the walls by several (non adjustable) telescopic side poles. Larger telescopic poles hold up the ridge line. With the sewn in web strap at the ridge you can tension the tent between two trees or just guyed to the ground.  All poles self store inside each other.

 OPTIONAL ALUMINUM POLE SET Aluminum pole sets include 2 or 3 vertical ridge support poles, side poles with eve attachment pins and ground stands that attach to the ground stake loops.  Aluminum stakes for all guy ropes and front and rear walls. Also two larger stakes with 20′ ratchet straps for front and rear tension. All the poles are self nestling for smallest size bundle, the largest storing length is 38″, and fit into there own pole bag.

Optional Woven floors are easy to clean, tough as nails and secure through the grommets on the corners and midpoints on our tents.   They come in a very nice zippered bag.

wall tent 10×14 (2 windows,2 doors)                                                     $1,231

wall tent 12x18  (2 windows,2 doors)                                                    $1,615

wall tent with poles 10×14 (2 windows,2 doors)                                   $1,493

wall tent with poles 12x18  (2 windows,2 doors)                                  $1,955

wall tent complete with poles and floor 10x14  (2 windows,2 doors) $1,757

wall tent complete with poles and floor 12x18  (2 windows,2 doors)  $2,295



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