Range Tent Setup Instructions

Watch the video below to see easy set up instructions for the Range Tent. Additional information follows the video.


Additional Range Tent Instructions

You can do as much or as little ground preparation as you see fit. Keep in mind that you should remove sharp stones or sticks  from the area as they can damage the floor of the tent and reduce the effectiveness of the waterproof material and shorten the life of your tent. Range Tents can be set up using an A-Frame Pole set or a single pole. If using a single center pole, make sure it is positioned straight, we recommend adding padding to contact points to fill the tent out. Alternatively, the peak of the tent can be tied up to a tree limb or other strong overhead object, which will eliminate the need to carry poles.

Before you roll the tent up, try stretching each side into the body of the tent while it is still staked to the ground. Once the tent is flat take out the stakes, fold it in three sections and roll it up tight. Use the rope provided to tie the tent before you fit it in the bag. This will keep it small and make it easy to come back out of the tent bag. If the tent is wet, set it up when you get home and let it dry out thoroughly before you repack it for storage.