Floor-less 8' Range Tent

Awning & Vent
Stove Jack
Poles Set
  • Lightweight Meets Classic Pyramid Design

    A favorite tent for working cowboys, also without guy lines, the back window is larger and lower than the Working Cowboy Teepee. A vent is placed high, and our exclusive zip away awning shades the front door. During hot days these features are surprisingly popular on ranches in the Southwest. The Range Tent has a screen door, larger low window, high vent and an awning with a zipper down the center seam. When it is zipped closed, a pole and guy line support the awning, providing shade and protection from rain. When the zipper is open, the awning ties off to either side of the door.

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  •  Sizes:  8'x8', 10'x10', 12'x12'
    Includes: 5 stakes, 2 poles (3 with awning), 1 guy line, & compression bag
    Weights: 28 lbs, 36 lbs, & 45 lbs (with awning & poles)
    Center Height: 73", 90", & 102"
    Awning Pole Height: 46", 52" & 52"
    Floor (corner to corner): (7'9"x7'9"),  (9'9"x9'9"), &  (11'9"x11'9")


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