The Zippered Cavalry Bedroll

Foam Pad
Sleeping Bag
  • The Zippered cavalry bedroll is our most popular bedroll. The large zippers sewn down each side makes it very easy to get in and out of the bedroll. Sewn in ties at the bottom of the bedroll secure the sleeping bag from sliding out. The Zippered comes in 2 sizes: regular and large.

    Regular Size measures 34" wide and 80" long, with 9" sides.

    Large Size measures 46" wide and 80" long, with 9" sides.

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    Optional 0° or 20° Teton Sleeping Bags can be added

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  •  Styles: 

    Regular (zippered 34" width), Large (zippered 46" width)

    Options: With or without foam pad, with or without sleeping bag
    Weights: Reg-10 lbs, Large-11 lbs (without sleeping bags or foam pad)
    Head Flap Length: 40"
    Rolled Diameter: 12"
    Dimensions:  34" Wide x 7' Long x 9" Tall (or 46" wide)

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