The Truck Tent

"The Perfect Overlanding Tent"

(Special Introductory Price-Limited Quantity "First-Come, First-Served")
The Truck Tent is designed for the Off-Road Over-landing and car camping crowd. A better utilitarian and economical option over a Roof-Top Tent. With an adjustable canopy that can be attached to a car or truck to reduce the number of poles and guy-lines need. Allowing direct and easy access to your gear without having to drag it all from the rig to the camping area. Or the tent can be free-standing when setup without the vehicle. The tent packs into a 40 Lbs. package with stake, poles, and guy-lines included that can be stored in / on top of the vehicle. Or when your camping season is over just leave in the garage.
-Blended Canvas Tent (7oz Sunforger Army Duct Canvas Top with 7oz Polyester Sides)
-Large From Door with Zippered Screen Door
-Low Rear Window, great for ventilation and cooling
-Additional smaller windows and doors can be added on either side of the main front door 
-Stove Jacks can be added to use with wood or gas stove
-Call / Email for details or to place order with additional options (970) 259 2050 /

  • Comes in an easy to pack Flat Bag. Just 40 Lbs. including stakes and poles

  • The awning can be lowered or raised depending on windy or rainy conditions
  • Single pole in the rear. That pole is just under 4’

Extra windows can be added

  • Extra windows can be added
I have always wanted to use this technique, It’s a lacing feature that takes the place of a zippier
  • A unique lacing feature that takes the place of a zippier

The wing slits allow the awning to by high or low

  • Interesting feature. The wing slits allow the awning to by high or low

  • Big screen door and rear window. Great for desert camping

  • Truck tenting is cool because all cooking and camping gear stays in the truck.
  • This is just one set up variation off the back corner of the truck. I can see many other set ups depending on your car truck or off road vehicle