Watch Dave explain how to set up our Torrent Tent quickly and efficiently. Our Torrent Tents are easily setup 3 poled tents with 8 guy lines and plenty of stakes, and can be quickly folded into our handy compression bag

Setup Instructions 

  1. Spread the Tent out and stake the 4 corners.
  2. Spread out the four side guy lines and stake them into the ground.
  3. Assemble the poles, and erect the front and rear poles first. 
  4. Slide the eyebolts through the grommets into the top of the poles. 
  5. Walk inside the tent and lift up the center of the tent with the large pole. The plastic yellow end-cap of the center pole should be resting on the ground/floor. 
  6. Walk around the now erect tent twice, tightening and securing the four side guy lines only. Leave the corner guy lines till last. 
  7. Finally, after all 4 sides are taut, pull out and stake each corner guy line. Adjust and tighten all guy lines until the center pole is straight and the tent taut.

Video Transcription

Welcome back to the blog, I’m Dave Ellis and today I want to talk to you about our Torrent Tent. The Torrent Tent is a modified center pole tent with no side poles on the walls. Instead long guy lines are added to add strength and lift to the walls. I want to show you how simple it sets up with the specific placement of the spikes, this will enable you to put maximum tension on the guy lines and keep the tent from tweaking or twisting in the wrong direction. To get to this place, let’s first roll it out and stake it square to the ground.

Torrent Tent LakeSide

The corner stakes will be installed after the tent is setup, so for now, let’s just concern ourselves with  the front, back, and sides. Envision a criss-cross over the top of the tent and drive the stakes through the loops at the ends of the guy lines. The Torrent Tent can now be setup without falling over. Assemble the poles. I will install the two smaller poles under the front and back first. Then, walk inside and lift up the center of the tent with the large pole. We have included these eye-bolts to secure the canvas to the top of the smaller poles. Simply slide the bolt through the grommet and into the pole.

Now that all the poles are in place, walk around the tent giving a half pull to the four guy lines. Go around the tent again and continue to tighten the lines till they are completely tight. What we are trying to accomplish in the end is to have a plumb center pole and all other points of the tent pulled symmetrically away from the ground. Now that the tent is up, you can see the correct 45º angle to pull the corners. Continue to walk around the tent adjusting all guy lines. When taking down the tent pull all stakes except for the four ground stakes. Grab the center of the tent and pull the canvas to each side so there is no canvas outside the perimeter of the tent floor. Now fold the tent in half, the size of the tent will dictate the way it is folded, but basically, you will fold it till it is the same width as the bag. The roll it with the poles and stakes into the bag. The bag holds the tent around the poles, tight. When all is said you should not feel any poles inside the bag. Well, thanks for watching, you can find a complete line of these great canvas tents online at Till next time, Ciao! 

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