This is really dependent on what you plan to use the tent for. Often, people underestimate just how big an 8x8 tent actually is, however, if you plan on having more than 2 or 3 people in the tent or you have a lot of stuff, then larger tent sizes are going to be more suited to your use. Due to the way our tents are constructed, some tents are better suited for more space than others. Range and Pyramid Tents are the "smallest" because of their steep angled walls, the Prairie Tent is reasonably spacious because of its vertical door, and our Torrent Tents and Shackleton Tents are by far the largest due to the construction of their angled out walls. The Shackleton tent has a square foot print and the Torrent tent is rectangular. This maybe an influencing factor when setting up you living space in side the the tent.

Also consider our two awning tents, The Truck tent and The Split Torrent Both offer an outdoor and indoor living space under their canopy.

All of our tents include aluminum poles, army-surplus aluminum stakes, and guy lines for. We also include a pole bag, a stake bag, and our handy flat compression bag (hyper link needs to be corrected), which has plenty of straps to help compress your tent into a manageable size. All of our canvas products are also treated with Marin Boat Shrunk Sunforger to make them water, mildew, and fire resistant.

Depending on if we have the tent in stock, it can takes about 5-7 business days for us to make a tent and put it in the mail. If you're in a hurry, feel free to email: elliscanvastents@gmail.com to check if the tent is in stock.

We send all our products via UPS Ground. They usually take between 3-5 days to deliver depending on where you are. We do offer UPS expedited services for an additional charge.

All of our tents are handmade in right here, in Durango, Colorado. Our address is 158A Bodo Dr, if you ever want to come by and say hi.

How to chose between a sewn in floor and a removable tent floor.

We are not talking ground tarp. But since I mentioned it lets define what a ground tarp is.

Set it up in your backyard of course! You'll want to set the tent up completely, making sure all poles are in place and all guy lines are taut. You'll then want to take the hose and wet the tent down. We'd recommend putting your thumb over the hose instead of spraying the tent directly to recreate a rain like effect. Don't worry, all our tents are water resistant, so you won't damage your tent. Due to the nature of canvas, the first time the tent gets wet you may notice some droplets of water on the inside of the tent. This is normal. Wetting the canvas allows the fibers to swell around the thread to ensure your tent is as waterproof as possible. Just make sure you let your tent thoroughly dry out before you store it again.

This really depends on how you treat your tent. We have tents that were made 10 years ago whose owners are still happily using them. This really depends on the environment the tent is setup in and if you want to leave your tent up for a long period of time. Because our tents are made from treated canvas, they will not deteriorate like nylon when left up in the sun. With regular exposure, you should be able to get at least 4 good years out of any of our tents.

  • Keep the guy lines tight
  • If the tent is going to be left unattended the guy lines must be tight and secure.
  • Every few years setup the tent on a clean lawn and hose the whole tent down including washing out the zippers.
  • Before dropping the canopy hit the inside of the tent to knock off any dust.
  • Sweep your tent before before dropping the canopy to keep the dirt off the inside of the tent.
  • Reminder outside element can damage the tent. Such-as: bird dropping, pollen, and fire ash.
  • Don’t leaving the tent setup unattended for long periods of time. Our tents are so easy to setup and take down you should first consider packing up the tent before leaving it unattended.
  • Make a clean ground placement for the tent by remove any sharp rock or any other objects that may damage the floor.
  • Make a Tent Mound (Link to tent mound instruction) a permanent tent setup site.
  • Upgrade to large steel spikes

If you pack your tent up wet, make sure you take it out when you get back home and let it thoroughly dry out. All our tents are mildew resistant, but leaving a wet tent in a dark bag is just asking for trouble. Store Tent in a dry and ventilated area.

Our tent floors are made out of an 8oz PVC Polyester on Shackleton, Torrent, and Truck Tents. It's a pretty hardy material that's flame retardant, doesn't rot, and is pretty wear resistant. The Detachable Floor is made from a multi-mesh woven vinyl, which allows mud and water to run through the weave of the tent floor. 10oz laminated Polyester

Vinyl floor are standard in all Range and Prairie Tents with sewn-in floors.

The 10oz Polyester Vinyl is more water proof than the 8oz PVC Polyester, although water can come through seams so a seam-sealer is need to make the floor more water proof.

Get in touch as soon as you can, and we'll do our best to fix it. Email us at elliscanvastents@gmail.com, or give us a call at 970-259-2050.

Unfortunately, we no longer make Wall Tents or Teepees. Stay tuned though, we're always working on new tent designs and we have some exciting new tents coming out in the not too distant future.

We don't do those either. Sorry.

Does the canvas leak when you touch it?
This is a question that stems back to the way canvas tents used to be made. Old canvas tents could get easily damaged by the oil from your hands, leading to their water repellency wearing off. This isn't the case with our canvas tents, all of which are treated with water-repellent Sunforger, which absolutely will not wear off if you touch it. Just make sure to hose your tent down (see above) before its first use. Cotton canvas is the most water repellent material that still allows for breathability. When you get a fast rain on dry canvas you may experience a drip so the canvas must be wet before it is water proof.

The floor material is waterproof. The seam on it is not and must be seam sealed to make the floor waterproof. The sides, don't matter. but the top is cotton. Untreated cotton canvas , when wet will hold water.

Anyone. Our canvas tents come in a variety of different designs, making them great no matter what your needs. From the lone cowboy to the avid mountaineer, to those that love glamping, and everyone in-between, you don't have to fit a specific niche to enjoy using a canvas tent.


The Tent Mound, a permanent tent setup site that is a clean “Racked-Out” site for the tent footprint. First, raise the ground and mound up soil or other mediums under the tent. Sand tent mounds are usually give the best results. And second, create permanent tent stake points to stake the floor and guy lines.

Just make a deck 3’ larger than the tent on all sides.

Sadly, no, none of our tents come with a deck. If you'd like to put your tent on a deck feel free to give us a call at 970-259-2050 and we'd be glad to help with designs and specs.


  • Matt Smith ,

    Does the Range Tent come with poles? Do you sell poles as a separate accessory or replacement item?

    • ect_v4mkom ,

      The Range Tent does come with poles, and stakes, everything you need. If you need a spare set, you can give us a call and we can sell you another set.

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