What canvas tent should I chose?

There are many factors which will determine the correct model and size of tent to suit your needs. Our Shackleton Tent is our most appropriate four-season tent and additional guy lines create a more wind-worthy shelter. Our Prairie Tent offers the most efficient setup time with generous interior space due to the lack of a center pole. Finally, our Split-Torrent design is the most glamorous of our line offering both exterior and interior living space in an extremely weather-ready tent. The size of each will depend on how many people the tent will need to accommodate, and the weight you’ll be able to transport to your desired site. If you would like more information or help deciding which tent is right for you, please call us directly and we will be happy to discuss your specific needs.

What's included in my tent?

All of our tents include the tent shell, tent poles, guy-lines, stakes, pole bag, stake bag, and our custom flat-bag compression system so that your tent can be easily packed up tightly with all of its accessories into one easily managed bundle.

Is a canvas tent waterproof?

Our tents are water repellent and completely dry after seasoning. Waterproof implies the use of a coating that normally fails after a period of time. Our 7oz canvas is treated with a Sunforger finish. This is a lifetime finish that provides water repellency while maintaining breathability and also protects against mold and mildew.

The sewing process creates thousands of tiny holes in the tent, so some initial weathering is required. On a brand-new tent, there will be seepage along the seams and in the corners where there is heavy sewing reinforcement. It amounts to about half a cup on the first wetting. We use a polyester thread which lasts much longer than cotton, but the tradeoff is that it takes longer to swell and work with the canvas. Think of it like a good cast iron, it needs some seasoning at the beginning, but it gets better with use. You can let this happen naturally, or expedite it by setting up the tent in your yard and hosing it down, and letting it dry a few times. Once seasoned, your tent will be completely dry while remaining breathable and well-ventilated.

Additionally, the shape of the design also adds to how dry our tents are because the angles of our canopies are engineered to shed water away from doors and windows.

Will the canvas leak when you touch it?

This is a question that stems back to the way canvas tents used to be made. Old canvas tents could get easily damaged by the oil from your hands, leading to their water repellency wearing off. This isn't the case with our canvas tents. Unlike older canvas tents, our canvas will not wick moisture when touched from the inside. Our 7 oz. MBS Sunforger canvas is of the highest quality with an exceptionally tight, omnidirectional weave. This is not your grandpa’s leaky wall tent.

How long will my tent last?

Many of our customers report using one of our tents for more than 10 years and still enjoying it. With regular care and maintenance, it will offer you many years of hard service. Improper care and maintenance such as neglecting to clear your tent of snow accumulation or storing components wet can shorten its lifespan considerably. Always clean and dry your tent, poles, and bags completely after use and before long-term storage to avoid creating mildew or staining from dirt and debris.

How do I take care of my canvas tent?

Your tent is made to be used and enjoyed. Care in the field includes the removal of debris and snow accumulation from the canopy. All of our tents have a loop sewn at the peak so that the shell can easily be cleaned and hung to dry after use. Do not use harsh detergents to clean your tent. Water and a soft brush are sufficient and regular rinsing and drying before storage is the best way to prolong the life of your tent. Always dry your tent and all of its components prior to storage. Visit our Care & Maintenance page for more information.

How long does it take to get my tent?

If you are ordering off of our website, that means your tent has already been checked, boxed up, and is ready to go. We ship via UPS Ground within 3 business days. If you need it sooner, please contact us directly and we can arrange expedited service.

What if the tent I want is out of stock?

We are a small team and we always try and keep up with the demand for our tents. If the tent you are looking for is out of stock, please sign up for the waitlist or contact us directly via email and we will let you know when the next run will be ready.

Do you ship internationally?

We do! Some of our shipping options are limited by e-commerce. If you live outside the continental US or Canada, please contact us directly via email and we will be glad to provide a shipping quote and process your order directly.

Please note that any and all import costs/duties are additional and the responsibility of the customer.

What is the difference between the two floor options on the Shackleton Tent?

The Shackleton tent Bathtub floor consists of an 11oz vinyl floor which comes up 6" on all 4 sides and zips onto the canvas shell.  The spike rings are sewn into the reinforcements in the corners and sides of the floor, so while the floor may be removed for cleaning, etc, the tent cannot be effectively spiked to the ground without the floor attached.  The removable floor has been re-engineered in the past year.  It consists of a sod-cloth skirt which zips onto the tent shell in the same position as the bathtub floor.  (previously, this was sewn onto the tent). The sod-cloth skirt has grommets in the four corners and in the sides as well as webbing loops that spike to the ground.  The floor panel itself is a 10oz vinyl coated mesh with webbing loops that correspond to the grommets in the skirt.  When using the floor, these loops are passed through the grommets and spiked to the ground.


The Bathtub is a more waterproof and critter-proof option, while the removable floor is better at handling dirt and wet boots, etc.