Our products are handcrafted and built to withstand years of hard service. We guarantee our products for life against manufacturing defects. Minor nuances of construction are to be expected in handcrafted products, and as such we find these to be the mark of authenticity. Defects solely apply to those errors in construction that affect the performance of our products. Normal wear and tear are not included and damages resulting from improper use or neglect are not covered by our warranty. If you have a problem with your tent or believe it to be defective in some way, please contact us directly and we will determine the best possible solution to repair or replace your tent at our discretion. We aim to provide you with a product that will outlast your expectations and stand against the elements.


Our philosophy on fabricating has always been to mind the day when the product will need to be repaired. Although all our products are built to last through decades of hard service and many of our customers can attest to that; no matter how fantastic a product you’ve created, something can eventually go wrong and need to be repaired. Here at Ellis Canvas, we believe in fixing stuff when it breaks and minimizing our impact on the planet. If your tent should become damaged or you should wear out a zipper, the sooner you reach out to us to repair your product, the better chance we will have to minimize further damage and get your tent back where it belongs, out in the wilderness.